Front Page Section 1 – Hydrate

O4 Replenishes
and restores

Introducing Oxigen® enhanced with powerful O4 oxygen molecules that will give your whole system a lift. Get ready for faster recovery, increased stamina and improved focus. Now you can instantly replenish and restore your brain, body, and spirit with every sip.

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Front Page Section 2 – Water and Shot

OXIGEN® water & shots

Two ways to tap into the all-natural power of oxygen.

Oxigen water is formulated to deliver 100x more oxygen to your system than regular water. It’s refreshing, pure and scientifically proven to improve focus and speed recovery so you can power through anything the day throws your way. Or for a quick, convenient boost try Oxigen shots. Supercharged with even more oxygen they’ll get you back on track in a flash without the anxious rush or any bumpy crashes.

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Front Page Section 3 – Science

Making oxygen
even mightier

It all starts with a proprietary process that fuses O2 molecules together to create the key ingredient in Oxigen—powerful O4 oxygen molecules. Since this unique type of oxygen remains perfectly stable in water, it means we can bottle it and you can take it with you to work, or play, or wherever. So you can keep your body, mind, and spirit recharged with added oxygen on the go. And get back to living your best day, your way.

Oxigen is all-natural, made from only distilled water, stabilized oxygen (O4) and a trace amount of sea salt.

O4 oxygen molecules easily absorb into the bloodstream through capillaries in the mouth as well as through the stomach lining.

Oxigen’s active ingredient falls under the FDA guidelines for dietary supplements.

O4 maintains its efficacy in purified water for up to two years.

Oxigen water bottles are made from 100% rPET material, are BPA free and completely recyclable.

Oxigen water and shots are certified Kosher.

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Front Page Section 4 – Oxigen Life