Giving you total refreshment
and recovery

Oxygen. It’s one of the most abundant elements in the universe, yet your body can always benefit from just a little more than what it gets from breathing alone. Giving your system the extra oxygen it craves throughout the day can help you stay perfectly tuned and running as efficiently as possible.

Enter Oxigen®—powered by O4.

The discovery that two O2 molecules can be fused together to make one remarkably durable O4 super oxygen molecule gave us an idea. Since O4 remains stable in water for up to two years, it meant that the uplifting power of oxygen could be bottled—so we bottled it. Giving you access to a restorative punch of added oxygen whenever and wherever you need it.

We know that as your body and mind wear down from the trials of the day, it’s oxygen and water that can help refresh your physical and mental well-being. Providing you with a way to replenish and restore with life-giving oxygen is our passion—and it’s why we created Oxigen brand water and shots.

Why you need OXIGEN®

Your brain

Increasing the oxygen available to your brain helps it function more efficiently, especially during moments of increased stress. The more pressure you’re under, the more you require oxygen to balance you out and bring you back to your best.

Did You Know?

While the brain makes up only 2% of our bodyweight, it requires about 25% of the oxygen we use to function.

Additional oxygen can improve reaction time, mental clarity and memory.

Your muscles

Your muscles rely heavily on oxygen for energy. Especially when they’re working harder during exercise. If your body can’t deliver oxygen to them fast enough, your muscles begin converting glucose into lactic acid, instead of energy—and that can slow you down. Increasing oxygen in your system can help your muscles breakdown lactic acid during workouts and help you recover faster afterwards.

Did You Know?

Oxygen helps your muscles cool down after a vigorous workout.

Our 6-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted at Indiana State University confirms the stabilized oxygen (O4) in Oxigen water speeds up lactate clearance, which means faster recovery post-exercise. Read the peer-reviewed, published study.

Your solution

Recharge your system with Oxigen water & shots. Sip your way through the day to replenish your brain, body and spirit.

Did You Know?

Each 20 fl oz bottle of Oxigen water has 1,000 parts per million (PPM) of stabilized oxygen as measured by an ORP meter.

Bottled and tap water typically only have between five and 40 PPM of oxygen.

Each 0.5 fl oz Oxigen shot has 5,000 parts per million (PPM) of stabilized oxygen as measured by an ORP meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked the most about Oxigen water and shots.

What are Oxigen water and shots?
Oxigen water and shots are oxygen-enhanced products designed to replenish and restore your brain, body, and spirit – all-naturally. The added oxygen comes from a highly stable O4 oxygen molecule, that’s created through a proprietary process that binds two O2 oxygen molecules together. Oxigen water is delicious distilled water with 100 times more oxygen than regular water. Our Oxigen shot is a powerful concentrate that doesn’t hydrate but has five times more oxygen than Oxigen water. Because we use stabilized oxygen (O4) and not compressed gas (O2) the oxygen stays in the bottle for up to two years—or until you drink it!
But there’s already oxygen in water, isn’t there?
Yes there is! But tap water and other bottled waters have only between five and 40 parts per million of bioavailable oxygen in them. Oxigen water has 1,000 parts per million thanks to our added O4.
By adding oxygen to water, aren’t you creating H2O2?
Nope! We’re not changing the molecular structure of the pure, distilled water we use to make Oxigen. We’re simply adding O4 to it. So it’s H2O with extra O4.
What other ingredients are in Oxigen?
We keep things simple. Our products are made from only distilled water, stabilized oxygen and a trace amount of sea salt. That’s it!
Why is there sea salt in your products?
The sea salt plays an important role in the proprietary O4 molecule creation process. It helps O2 molecules bind together.
Will I get a surge of energy when I drink Oxigen?
A peer reviewed and published study conducted at ISU shows that O4 starts clearing lactic acid and boosting your body’s blood oxygen levels almost immediately. As this happens, you experience faster recovery from exercise. Added oxygen can also help you recover faster from oxygen deprivation during air travel, general fatigue or drinking too much alcohol. Oxigen has no sugar or caffeine in it, so you get all the benefits without any anxious rush or bumpy crashes.
Don’t I get enough oxygen from breathing?
Yes, and no. There are varying levels of pollution everywhere we go. As toxins contaminate the air they replace and reduce the amount of available oxygen. The earth’s air used to contain as much as 50% oxygen. Today, it’s around 20%, and in some places around the world, like Tokyo and Beijing, it’s can be less than 10%. Science also tells us that stress (emotional or physical), lack of exercise, infections, medications, viruses, drugs and alcohol, highly processed foods and polluted water can reduce the amount of bioavailable oxygen in the blood stream.
When should I drink Oxigen water and shots?
Anytime is a great time to replenish your blood oxygen levels! We recommend Oxigen water to help you feel replenished and hydrated throughout the day. Oxigen shots can be used during or after exercise to help your muscles clear away lactic acid faster. And you can use either water or shots when your brain needs a boost mid-day at work, during or after a long flight to help ward off jet lag, or even before bed after you’ve had a few adult beverages!
Can I drink too much Oxigen water or do too many Oxigen shots?
No! Oxigen is completely safe to use in any amount as tested by SGS USA. It’s completely non-toxic.
Can I feed Oxigen water to pets?
Absolutely. The active ingredient in our products, O4, has been used for many years by professional trainers and large animal veterinarians in the horse breeding and racing industry.
Is Oxigen safe for kids?
Yes. The ingredients in our products are distilled water, O4 (stabilized oxygen) and sea salt—a combination safe and beneficial for people of any age. It can be consumed by infants, pregnant women and nursing mothers without any concern of toxicity.
Can I drink Oxigen with food?
Yes, in fact, oxygen is known to assist with digestion.
Is Oxigen FDA approved?
The active ingredient in Oxigen, O4, falls under the FDA guidelines for dietary supplements, but it is not regulated by the FDA.
How does the oxygen in Oxigen get into the bloodstream?
Independent research has established that the polyatomic oxygen molecules in O4 are safely and easily absorbed into the blood stream through capillaries in the mouth (ultra-lingual and sublingual) as well as through the stomach lining.