These 5 Foods Will Increase Your Oxygen Levels and Improve Your Health

NO IMAGE - These 5 Foods Will Increase Your Oxygen Levels and Improve Your Health

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If you’ve noticed an increase in headaches and often find yourself feeling sluggish, your body may be trying to tell you that you need more oxygen!

Sure, breathing provides you with enough O2 to stay alive, but there are lots of factors, including pollution and exertion that can affect the overall level of oxygen in your system. Low levels of oxygen can leave you in desperate need of a boost.

To help combat the headaches and improve your overall energy levels, try adding alkaline foods to your diet. Alkaline foods help to increase oxygen levels to your bloodstream by decreasing the effects of acidic foods – typically foods that are heavily processed.

When your diet is highly acidic it can lead to breathing problems, cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses. Adding these five alkaline-rich food choices to your diet will help enhance the oxygen supply to your blood, and will, in turn, have you feeling healthier and revitalized.

  • Lemon
    • While lemons can be acidic outside the body, when consumed, they become alkaline within the body. Lemons contain helpful electrolytic properties, which makes them an amazing alkalizing food. Lemons can also help the body prevent the common flu and other diseases. Lemon juice with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper make for a simple and healthy salad dressing.
  • Watermelon
    • Watermelon is highly alkaline with a pH value of 9. It is also a great source of lycopene, beta-carotene and Vitamin C. This delicious fruit is one of the best energy and life-supporting foods available. And who can argue that it’s not delicious, especially on a hot summer day?!
  • Berries
    • Berries are packed with high antioxidant agents and vitamin C. And with a pH value of 8, they are highly alkaline and will help provide oxygen to your bloodstream. From strawberries to blueberries, raspberries and cranberries, the list of berries goes on… and on. Pick one… or some and get munching.
  • Mango
    • Mangoes act best as kidney cleansers and have a pH value of 8.5. They are high in vitamins and also form alkaline during digestion. The generous amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A in mangoes help to keep your immune system healthy and strong.
  • Grapes
    • Grapes are rich in vitamins A, B and C as well as antioxidants and have a pH value of 8.5. This superfood assists to regulate your blood, which in turn aids in lowering blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease.
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Incorporating these five super fruits into your daily diet can only benefit your health so get snacking! Remember, it’s important to not only eat healthy but to also drink healthy. Add OXiGEN to your daily water consumption routine for highly beneficial hydration, oxygenation and recovery.