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We recently had the pleasure of catching up with personal trainer and health guru Sarah Grace of Fresh, Fit n’ Healthy. As she’s started to integrate OXiGEN into her daily regimen, we’ve learned more about what makes her passionate about helping others and we’ve decided that we love her! And we know you will too. Check out our Q&A below for more about Sarah Grace, what inspires and motivates her to live a healthy lifestyle, and how she incorporates OXiGEN into her day.

OXiGEN: How did you get involved in your profession?

Sarah: My online health and wellness business all started with my Instagram account, @freshfitnhealthy. I created it to simply share healthy recipes I love to make, as a joke in a way (and to not “annoy” followers of my personal account who didn’t care about seeing food photos). From there, it grew into more than I ever dreamed it would during my undergraduate years of college, when I was pursuing a degree in Nutrition. For the last four years, I have focused on creating a brand and not just “growing my numbers”, but also making sure everything I post aligns with what I believe. Now, as I finish my Masters to become a certified Registered Dietitian, I plan on combining both my online business I have created and my certifications/degrees in order to take the typical sports RD career to the entrepreneur level as I continue doing what I’m passionate about – helping others create a healthy lifestyle and reach their potential through nutrition!

Sarah Grace - Fresh, Fit n' Healthy

OXiGEN: If you had a list of “best-kept secrets” about your industry, what would you include?

Sarah: It’s not all glamour like it looks from the outside. People tend to think I simply take a quick photo, post on Instagram and get paid. But A LOT of time and thought goes into each post, as I don’t just want to be another health account on Instagram. I want to be one that offers quality content that provides people with real information and inspiration to live a healthy and happy life.

OXiGEN: Looking 3 to 5 years ahead, how do you think your industry will change?

Sarah: My field, both in the sports nutrition sense as a dietitian and the social media world, is changing CONSTANTLY. Sports nutrition is such a new field, and is growing exponentially as more and more people realize the importance of nutrition. And social media, as everyone knows, changes DAILY. If I’ve learned one thing it’s that you have to set aside time each day to learn the newest updates and trends happening in social media. And then applying those learnings to your content in order to stay relevant.

Sarah Grace - Fresh, Fit n' Healthy

OXiGEN: How has your experience been with drinking OXiGEN water and shots?

Sarah: OXiGEN water has been amazing to incorporate into my active lifestyle! Staying hydrated is one of the principal nutrition keys for performing well, and OXiGEN has taken the “typical water” to the next level to help do just that. I can definitely notice the difference.

OXiGEN: Oxygen provides energy, stabilizes the nervous system, sharpens concentration and alertness, detoxifies the blood and improves the immune system, provides a natural remedy for headaches, and more. Can you share with us the importance of oxygen in your overall daily health and wellness?

Sarah: All of those things mentioned are right on! With a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, and working on a Masters in Sports Nutrition, I have come to learn just how KEY oxygen is in our day to day life. It is used for ALL of our body’s processes and it is awesome that OXiGEN has created a product that aligns with the science and nutrition of it all.

Sarah Grace - Fresh, Fit n' Healthy

OXiGEN: If you were going to be stuck on an island for the rest of your life, with only three items, what would they be?

Sarah: My Bible / journal – to keep me sane! If wifi is available (haha), my phone. And my Baby Lips chapstick…I can go without makeup but that is a daily necessity! Wait . . . did I need to include food and water in there? Because I would DEFINITELY need those two things, OXiGEN water of course.

OXiGEN: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Sarah: There are SO many for different aspects of life. But I think the one I have used to make some important decisions is: “Be strong enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.”

OXiGEN: What’s your go-to fall food?

Sarah: PUMPKIN. Pumpkin anything! I’m not the typical girl who just loves her pumpkin in the fall, I actually eat it year round! It is a comfort food for me with growing up and making pumpkin muffins often. It’s simply a flavor I adore. Plus, it’s a superfood that is packed with nutrition, so I can use that as my reason for the mass amounts I consume.

OXiGEN: Where do you travel to most?

Sarah: I travel most around Florida and to Atlanta! My family lives in southwest Florida, and with going to college in Florida, a lot of my friends have settled in various cities around here. I also take drives to Atlanta a lot because I work with the Atlanta Falcons’ Dietitian to help fuel the team. Plus I have two very close friends there so it gives me more of an incentive to visit.

OXiGEN: Tell us about the secret spots you love – anywhere in the world.

Sarah: I wish I could say I have been out of the country and traveled to amazing places like Australia and around Europe, but I haven’t! I think my favorite US places are in California (Lake Tahoe and Santa Monica/Malibu), Salt Lake City, and the mountains in North Carolina where I have a cabin.

OXiGEN: What (or who) inspires you?

Sarah: God – He is definitely my biggest inspiration and the reason why I live my life the way I do. Also my mom has always been a role model to me. She was superwoman while I was growing up. She raised three children on her own, went back to nursing school to become a nurse anesthetist, and still somehow managed to do all the normal parent things in between; like making homemade meals, taking us all to sports practices, doing laundry, and being our biggest cheerleader!

Sarah Grace - Fresh, Fit n' Healthy

OXiGEN: If a friend was visiting Florida for the first time, what restaurants would you recommend that they try?

Sarah: All things seafood and sushi! I love my sushi and have found a few places that I love while living in the different cities over the past six years.

OXiGEN: If you could only have one cocktail for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sarah: Cucumber martini (with fresh sliced cucumbers)!

OXiGEN: If you could have dinner with any three people (dead or alive), who would they be?

Sarah: Hmm that’s hard! If Jesus can be one, totally Him. I think people have the wrong picture of who He is and I would love to meet and talk with Him! I’d also love to meet Jeff Bethke, the creator of the famous YouTube video “Why I hate Religion but Love Jesus”, and then one of the famous, inspiring inventors of the past like Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein!

OXiGEN: What are three activities you love to do outside of work?

Sarah: Read my Bible and journal – it’s how I start every morning to relax and prepare myself for the day. Also, I love doing anything outdoors with friends that is active, like hiking, biking, kayaking, or just taking a long walk. My most recent found love is crossfit! You can find me there every morning at 6am.

Sarah Grace - Fresh, Fit n' Healthy

OXiGEN: Which do you prefer: a beach, lake or pool?

Sarah: That’s hard because I grew up with all three practically in my backyard! But if I had to choose just one, I would have to go with beach!

Sarah Grace - Fresh, Fit n' Healthy

OXiGEN: If you had to pick one: a surfboard, a cheese board or a chess board?

Sarah: Surfboard! (weirdly not the biggest cheese fan!)

OXiGEN: What’s your favorite meal of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Sarah: Dinner! I know most foodies love their breakfast but for me, dinner is where I can finally relax, unwind, enjoy the meal and not rush . . .  plus I can enjoy it with a glass of wine!

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