Benefits You Can Get from OXiGEN Water

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Topping up your oxygen levels is good for So. Many. Reasons. Your brain uses 25% of the oxygen you breathe, your muscles rely on oxygen to keep working, generally, when we’re deprived of oxygen our immune system and overall health suffers significantly.

Incorporating OXiGEN water into your day allows you to top up your oxygen levels more than you can just by breathing, and will leave you feeling more energized and focused so you can tackle whatever comes your way.

Each 20 fl. oz. bottle contains 1,000 parts per million of bio-available oxygen. If you’re thinking “um, isn’t there already oxygen in water?”, you’re absolutely right. But there’s only between five and 40 parts per million in tap or other bottled water. That means OXiGEN water has up to 200 times the amount of oxygen!

With the school semester kicking off and football season back in full swing, we wanted to share three great reasons to get your added oxygen today!


    • Did you know that the body receives 90% of its energy from oxygen? Knowledge is power! Sipping OXiGEN water will help you recover from fatigue – whether it’s muscle fatigue after a tough workout, lack of sleep, juggling family, or a busy work schedule. Just one bottle will leave you feeling re-energized and motivated to take on your day.
  2. Greater Mental Clarity
    • While your brain only accounts for 2% of your total body weight, it uses 25% of the oxygen your body receives. Fuel your body – and your brain – with an extra dose of oxygen with every sip of OXiGEN water. The added oxygen will help you maintain focus, retain information better and have a quicker reaction time.
  3. Decreased Hangover Effects
    • Want to avoid a hangover? Drink more water and add more oxygen. Drinking alcohol causes hypoxia (oxygen deficiency), not just in the body, but also in the brain. Waking up with a hangover is your body’s way of telling you that you need more fluids and oxygen. OXiGEN water and shots are here to help you minimize those symptoms after you’ve had a few too many.
OXiGEN Water and Shots Help with Hangovers

After a long night of drinking we recommend consuming a bottle of OXiGEN water and an OXiGEN shot to rehydrate and re-oxygenate your body and brain while you sleep. And for best results, have another bottle when you wake up in the morning to further decrease the side effects of being hungover.

These three benefits are just the beginning of the amazing things you’ll find from topping up your oxygen levels with OXiGEN throughout your day.  Click here to find out where OXiGEN water and shot are available near you!