Fight The Common Cold with These 5 Foods

NO IMAGE - Fight The Common Cold with These 5 Foods

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Let’s face it . . . no one likes being sick. Whether it’s the flu or a common cold, it always seems to hit at the worse time possible. Aside from doing your best to stay in bed for a day and sleep it off, we have a few other remedies that can help – five to be exact. Make sure you’re prepared for this cold season and stock up on these five edible remedies.

  1. CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP – A hearty bowl of chicken noodle soup is always a good idea when sick. The warm comfort food helps to clean out your sinuses as it’s a natural decongestant. Ingredients in the steaming hot soup inhibit the action of white blood cells to help prevent coughs and other flu or cold like symptoms from occurring.
  2. SPICY FOODS – Spicy foods may make your nose runny and eyes watery, but they also act as a natural decongestant for the body. Flavorful spices such as chili powder and cayenne and spicy condiments including wasabi and horseradish will help to relieve coughs, nasal congestion and even itching. Be careful though. If in addition to your head cold you have an upset stomach, you should avoid anything too spicy. The best spicy foods to eat when sick are chili peppers and wasabi. Spicy dishes will help kill the bacteria in your throat and get you feeling better faster.
  3. VEGETABLE JUICE – When you’re sick with a cold or flu and have nausea your body has a tough time keeping in all the good stuff it needs to stay healthy. Make sure to maintain proper vitamin and mineral levels to help get back on track. Low-sodium vegetable juice, that includes leafy greens such as kale and spinach, will help you load up on antioxidants which help boost the immune system.
  4. POPSICLES – Staying hydrated when sick can oftentimes be tough, especially if you have the flu. Make hydration a bit less boring by reaching for a refreshing popsicle. Who knew these sweet ice cold treats could help keep you hydrated when you’re not feeling well?!
  5. TEA + HONEY – There’s nothing more soothing than tea and honey when you have a sore throat. As an added bonus, tea will also help keep you hydrated. Studies show that drinking tea can help reduce the amount of bacteria found in the throat, which will help heal a sore throat faster. Take it a step further and add some honey to your tea to help stimulate your immune system. Fight the common cold with OXiGEN water

Along with these five foods and drinks, it’s also important to top off your oxygen levels. Our oxygen levels are lower when we’re fighting off a virus or infection, but great news… oxygen is also a natural way to fight off infectious bacteria. So don’t forget to keep a bottle of OXiGEN water with you at all times. Pick up a bottle of OXiGEN water at a location near you in time before the next cold strikes.