Flight Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget to Pack

NO IMAGE - Flight Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget to Pack

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While some may find traveling fun, others may find it somewhat stressful. The joy in traveling is the final destination, usually not the journey getting there. No matter where your next flight may take you, make sure you strategically pack your carry-on bag by including these six essentials.

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  1. OXiGEN Shots – Being at elevation can totally screw up your oxygen levels and leave you feeling drained, not to mention the jet lag if time zones are a factor. But there is a solution…OXiGEN shots. Pack at least four for each journey so you have two for your outbound flight and two for your return flight. You’ll want to take one shot before takeoff and a second one 30 minutes before landing to keep your body oxygenated. The 5,000 parts per million of bio-available, stabilized oxygen (a proprietary O4 molecule) in every shot will help clear your mind and increase your overall vitality (without sugar or caffeine) while helping to prevent jet lag.
  2. Headphones – Headphones can be a lifesaver when traveling, especially if they are noise canceling. Use your headphones to tune out the baby crying or the man snoring and tune into your favorite playlist, audio book or the featured film.
  3. Reading Material – Plane time is sometimes the best “me” time – pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read or your favorite magazine from the shops at the airport. Lose yourself in the stories and you’ll be on the ground off to your next adventure in no time.
  4. Neck Pillow – Regardless of whether or not you are lucky enough to get the prized window seat or you’re stuck between two strangers, packing a neck pillow will ensure that you can get at least a little shut eye on your journey. A neck pillow is a huge lifesaver for those long red eye flights, you’ll thank us later.  
  5. Comfy Footwear – Wear comfortable shoes, whether you wear flats, flip flops or sneakers, your feet will thank you. There’s no sense in walking (or running) through the airport in uncomfortable shoes. Plus, most people’s feet swell during a flight so tight shoes will become even tighter.
  6. Phone Charger – Long days of traveling almost always drains your phone battery – so pack an extra charger. That way you’ll always have access to your tunes or other media and be able to share Snap stories with your friends enroute. Plus, you need to make sure you’re fully charged in order to coordinate your pick-up upon arrival.


Remember to be prepared and your travel experience can be a smooth and enjoyable one. “Happiness is a way of travel not a destination.” -Roy Goodman