Halloween Recovery: 4 Ways To Detox from the Sugar High

NO IMAGE - Halloween Recovery: 4 Ways To Detox from the Sugar High

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Trick or Treat?! We get it, sometimes it’s hard not to indulge in sweet treats – especially when you’re dressed up. Sugar intake doesn’t count when you’re playing pretend, right?

Let yourself enjoy the bite-sized candies this Halloween but turn the sugar switch off on November 1st. It’s a fact, when you consume sugar, your body only craves more of it. So weening yourself off of the sweet stuff and replacing it with more nutrient rich foods will be the key to cutting candy cravings post-Halloween.

Below are four helpful tips and tricks to survive the crash after Halloween.


  1. Load Up on Water and Oxygen – Flush the sugar toxins out of your body with a bottle of OXiGEN water. The water obviously helps with rehydration and the added oxygen is key to flushing toxins out of your system. Greater amounts of oxygen in your body can also help increase your internal temperature to assist with burning off excess calories. Additionally, a hot cup of herbal tea will soothe your stomach and aid in the detoxing process. This will rehydrate and give your body the energy it needs to combat the sugar cravings that are bound to creep into your body within the next 24 hours.
  2. Load Up on Protein Packed Foods – Keep the residual sugar cravings at bay by incorporating plenty of protein in the days following Halloween. Even plant-based proteins like broccoli, quinoa and asparagus will do the trick. Plus, each of those veggies is high in fiber which will keep you feeling fuller longer and help you avoid the tempting snack drawer.
  3. Get Rid of All Left Over Candy – Throw it out! Halloween is over – get rid of it. The morning after Halloween is always tough, especially if the sugar hangover has your stomach in knots. Trust us, reaching for that leftover candy is only going to make you feel worse. Don’t touch it, just toss it. Your body will thank you.
  4. Sweat It Out – Your body is smarter than you may think. Schedule a sweat session after a sugar-filled night of fun. Your body will know exactly what to do as it starts moving. Burn off the sugar from the night before on the treadmill, in a hot yoga or kickboxing class, whatever will get your heartrate up and get you sweating.

Tell us, what other post-sugar detox tips do you have? What works best for you?