How To Fuel For School

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You’ve got your classes picked and books bought, your housing is sorted, and you even know where to find the best eats near campus at any time of the day or night.

You’re all set to embark on your 2015 scholastic adventure.

Except you forgot one thing.

From the stress of rush week to those multi-hour study sessions, your brain is getting taxed – and no amount of sugar, caffeine or any other stimulant that might be on your radar right now, is going to lift you up without eventually getting you seriously down.

The brain is an energy-demanding organ. While it makes up only two percent of our body’s weight, it consumes more than 25 percent of our body’s need for oxygen just to create the energy it needs to function.

Unfortunately, the brain is incapable of storing significant amounts of glucose, which, when combined with oxygen, creates this energy.

So, as mental, physical and emotional demands increase, so too does the brain’s need for oxygen. If the brain doesn’t get the energy it requires, it starts to lose its ability to process and respond quickly, efficiently and even properly.

Not the best-case scenario when you’re trying to write a 15-page paper, prepare for a long list of midterms, or even grasp a set of plays at football practice.

Extra oxygen allows your brain to work more effectively and efficiently, which means sharper focus, better memory and a quicker reaction time.

There is reasonably no instance where having improved oxygen through your blood stream and at your brain’s disposal is not advantageous.

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OXiGEN water and shot are both made from just distilled water, our proprietary stabilized oxygen and a bit of sea salt. It’s all natural energy and focus. And our active ingredient goes to work almost immediately, boosting your oxygen levels and setting you up for brain and body success.