Reasons to Indulge: 4 Pumpkin Benefits For Your Health & Recovery

NO IMAGE - Reasons to Indulge: 4 Pumpkin Benefits For Your Health & Recovery

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All things pumpkin are defining the fall season and it’s bringing a big goofy jack-o-lantern smile to our faces. Why? Because we love all things that help us recover faster – and low and behold, pumpkins are on the list!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you should be firing up your Starbucks app and pre-ordering your grande pumpkin spice latte every morning.

Eat your pumpkin (including the seeds) in its cleanest form (pie counts!) and enjoy the plethora of health and recovery benefits of this superfood this holiday season.

Despite it being a vegetable, most people probably don’t realize that pumpkin is actually considered a superfood and has a plethora of health and recovery benefits.

When You’re Sick

Germs spread like wildfire this time of year and we think you’ll agree that no one has time to be sick, especially when your calendar is filled with fun holiday parties. Luckily, pumpkin is here to save the day with its immune system boosting properties. One cup of pumpkin has 20% of your daily vitamin C and 200% of your daily vitamin A intake.  

When You’ve Had a Tough Workout

Obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes? Instead of reaching for the sugary drink, try this healthy pumpkin spice smoothie from Popsugar after your next workout. Pumpkin is rich in potassium (even more so than bananas!), which helps return electrolytes to your body after a hard session of HIIT training or heavy lifting.

When You Need a Mood Boost

We’ve all fallen victim to serious food comas after Thanksgiving dinner or the exhaustion after a long haul to the mall on Black Friday. Next time you need a little extra oomph, grab a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds to boost your serotonin levels and restore your energy.

When Your Sweet Tooth is Calling  

Use pumpkin in place of higher sugar fruits to help lower your blood sugar and curb your cravings for sugary foods later. Pumpkin contains lower amounts of sugar and starch than all other starchy vegetables and provides you with seven grams of fiber per cup. That high fiber content helps fill you up and allows your body to digest the sugars in pumpkin more slowly while preventing blood sugar swings.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy pumpkin – sweet, savory, mashed, cubed, sliced? Let us know in the comments below.

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