The Best Ways to Recover From A Holiday Party Hangover

NO IMAGE - The Best Ways to Recover From A Holiday Party Hangover

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Holiday party guarantees include festive cocktails, mistletoe and a foggy memory the morning after. So, we’ve compiled the best ways for you to recover from a holiday party hangover. We’ve all been there, the key is to recover quickly and fully.

OXiGEN shot for Holiday Party Hangover

Shot, Shots, Shots!

While the thought of another shot may put you over the edge, we’re talking about another kind of shot – the OXiGEN shot.  Each shot has 5x as much oxygen as our water. All oxygen, all the time – with no sugar, caffeine or unhealthy additives will help speed up recovery. Take a shot or two before bedtime and immediately after waking up the next day.

Steamy Shower

Taking a hot shower the morning after a holiday party is not only necessary but actually helps restore every part of your body. The steam will opens up your pores and and clear sinus passages so breathing becomes clearer. The heat will relax your muscles and naturally release dopamine through your brain. Not only will you look “so fresh, so clean” but you will also feel better immediately.  
OXiGEN water for champagne holiday party hangover

Protein Enriched Breakfast (or Lunch)

Alcohol depletes nutrients such as  B vitamin, folic acid, zinc and magnesium from your body, so you’ll naturally crave nutrient-rich foods after a night of drinking.  Instead of picking up a greasy breakfast burrito the next morning, plan to have a protein-packed breakfast. Load up on eggs, fruits and natural yogurt to help ease your queasiness. The sooner you can eat whole and healthy foods, the better you will feel.

Walk It Out

An afternoon walk outside will also help to change the pace of your day. Running or jogging might be asking too much from your dehydrated body, so grab a bottle of OXiGEN water and head out for a walk by yourself, with a friend or even your dog to help get your blood moving and clear your head.

Share your shameless hangover selfie with us on Instagram and use #drinkOXiGEN. We want to see how you take control of your holiday party hangover and your recovery methods.