Recover and Repair: Back-to-School Tips for Study Sessions

NO IMAGE - Recover and Repair: Back-to-School Tips for Study Sessions

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We’ve all been there, studying can be overwhelming and pretty stressful. With another school year ahead of you, it’s time to plan ahead. Aside from stocking up on OXiGEN™ water and shots to help enhance your mental clarity, stay focused and reduce stress, we have a few productive tips to help you make it through all of the upcoming study sessions this semester.

  1. Time Management – Time management is key to scholarly success. Create weekly to-do lists in which you organize your tasks in priority of importance – whether that means the impact of a project, your overall grade or the assigned due dates.
  2. Avoid Procrastination – We all have a tendency to procrastinate from time to time, especially on assignments we expect to take a long time or a lot of focus. Try bargaining with yourself. Promise yourself a reward if you complete a task within an allotted amount of time. For example, if you can complete a big assignment in three hours, reward yourself by watching your favorite show that night.
  3. Don’t Get Distracted – Whether you’re in class or pulling a late night study session, avoid distractions. Try to focus on one thing at a time. In class, keep a pen and notebook on your desk at all times – put away your tablet, laptop and phone – there are too many other things you can do while listening to a lecture that can hinder the amount of information you actually retain from the class. For solid study sessions, go to a quiet place and only bring what you need for that specific subject, bringing extra materials can lead to unnecessary distractions.
  4. Have a Healthy Snack – Pack healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day to keep your mind alert and avoid sugar crashes. Pack carrots instead of potato chips or high protein/low sugar bars instead of candy bars. Your mind and your body will thank you for fueling it with healthy and functional foods vs. empty calories that cause extreme highs and lows in your energy levels.
  5. Top Up Your Oxygen Levels – Your brain craves oxygen. Increasing the oxygen available to your brain increases its ability to function, especially during moments of increased stress and times in which concentrated thought is needed. Each 20 fl. oz. bottle of OXiGEN has 1,000 parts per million (PPM) of stabilized oxygen and each 0.5 fl. oz. shot of OXiGEN has 5,000 PPM – most bottled and tap water contains between 5 – 40 PPM. Just think, your brain gets all the goodness without sugar, no unhealthy additives and no caffeine.

Don’t wait any longer, stock up on OXiGEN shots and water before your next study session. Stop the search and click HERE to find a location nearest you to get your dose.