The New & Easy Way to Drink Oxygen

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Nearly 138.5 million people in the United States—almost 44 percent of the nation—live where pollution levels are often too dangerous to breathe. Whaaaat? If you live in California, the news is worse. You could be breathing every day, all day (more than 23,000 times in a day for the average person) in one of the 10 worst cities for air pollution in the U.S. – yes, SIX of the top 10 are located in the Golden State. This news brought to us by the American Lung Association’s recently released State of the Air report.

According to the AMA’s website, the State of the Air 2015 report looks at levels of ozone and particle pollution found in official monitoring sites in 220 metropolitan areas across the United States in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The report uses the most current quality-assured nationwide data available for these analyses.

I suppose we can take some solace in knowing that this year’s report shows “many cities continued a decade of progress reducing ozone.” Problem is, “many others had more unhealthy air days,” and warmer temperatures due to climate change are making it more and more difficult to keep pollution under control. While Los Angeles has seen improvements in its air quality since tougher vehicle emissions rules were put in place, according to the report, LA remains as the metropolitan area with the worst ozone pollution, as it has for all but one of the last 16 reports.

We can all do our part to cut down on pollution—carpool, take public transit, walk or ride a bike—you know the drill. But when it comes to minimizing the effects on our bodies, well, staying inside isn’t always an option.

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When you’re looking for a clean breath of air, you can now get it through a clean drink of water. Formula Four OXiGEN™ water contains 1,000 parts per million of bio available oxygen (your tap water has about 10 parts per million). The proprietary O4 molecule (created by binding two regular old O2 molecules) in OXiGEN is stabilized oxygen, meaning that when you take the lid off, it doesn’t do a disappearing act, but rather stays in the water for up to two years after bottling. It’s like getting an extra 10 minutes of breathing time. Clean, unpolluted breathing time. What could be better?

Actually, it does get better, when you realize that increasing your oxygen is good for a lot of things, such as increasing your endurance, improving your stamina, providing mental clarity, strengthening your immune system, clearing that annoying lactic acid from your muscles post workout, oh, and even reducing hangover symptoms.

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