Rocky Mountain Adventures: Top Colorado Cities To Visit

NO IMAGE - Rocky Mountain Adventures: Top Colorado Cities To Visit

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Colorado is known as one of the fittest states in America and with the Rocky Mountains front and center, who can blame the Coloradoans for being outside all of the time?! For this installment of the Get Up, Get Out series, we’re headed to three different cities in Colorado, all only a few hours apart, where there’s an endless amount of opportunities for fun and adventure.


  1. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is home to the breathtaking beauty of the glacier-carved Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods Park. Hikers from everywhere take to the Garden of the Gods’ to be engulfed by the stunning red rock formations.

Pikes Peak is another stunning destination for hikers but there’s even more magic to be found at the North Pole – Santa’s Workshop where every day is Christmas. This Christmas-themed amusement park was established in 1956 and includes 25 rides and attractions you (and your kids) won’t want to miss!

Rocky Mountain National Park


  1. Fort Collins

Just 35 miles outside of the city limits the magnificent Rocky Mountain National Park peaks high into the thin Colorado air. The drive is well worth getting out of town to check mark “Seeing the Continental Divide” off your vibrant bucket list. Be sure to plan your trip accordingly because the lower elevation roads are only open during the winter months. The Rocky Mountains are an absolute must see to fully grasp the beauty that is Colorado.

After a day of hiking through the National Park, allow yourself a day to unwind with a visit to the local breweries. Hop on board the Fort Collin’s Brew Cruise where you’ll visit three local breweries while riding a loyal beachcruiser. Tip: use the basket in the front of the bike to store your OXiGEN water bottles to keep you hydrated and oxygenated (and, bonus, to help prevent hangovers!).

  1. Vail

Experienced skiers will devour the black runs of the Vail Valley. Try shredding one of the 193 marked skiing trails on three faces, the front side, the back bowls or Blue Sky Basin to get you warmed up.

Vail Valley Adventure Ridge
Ski biking at Adventure Ridge

Not a skier? Not a problem! There are plenty of other winter activities to enjoy on the mountain. Adventure Ridge is a snow park on top of the mountain that can only be reached via the Eagle Bahn Gondola. Adventure Ridge has tubing, ski biking (yes, it is a real thing), kids snowmobiling, snowshoeing, a discovery center and a brand spankin’ new raised alpine coaster called the Forest Flyer™ that will blow your beanie off!

No time to hesitate, Get up, Get out and head to Colorado. Once you’re there, be sure to share your posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – tag us (@F4OXiGEN & #drinkOXiGEN), and let us know what you thought of the recommendations.   

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