We’re Coming For You NorCal!

NO IMAGE - We’re Coming For You NorCal!

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Attention NorCal! Starting this week you can now get OXiGEN™ in store for the first time! 🙂 We can’t help but be excited that we’re expanding our reach into the northern part of the Golden State with our newly branded Formula Four OXiGEN™ water. Find us on display at Lucky locations throughout the region.

Why choose OXiGEN?

OXiGEN water is stabilized oxygen in water. No sugar, no caffeine, no unhealthy additives. It’s just that simple. Well, sort of. About 60 years ago an aerospace engineer figured out how to bond two O2 molecules to form a highly stabilized O4 molecule… today known as Activated Stabilized Oxygen or ASO®. ASO® is our active ingredient, an ingredient that’s been perfected over the last six decades and is now available in ready to drink bottled water (so you get that much needed hydration too!).

When you drink OXiGEN water, you’re getting 1,000 parts per million (PPM) of stabilized oxygen. There is no other bottled water on the market today that offers that level of oxygen. In fact, most average no more than about 40 PPM. Do you have any idea what oxygen does for your body?! Just about EVERYTHING.  So when our oxygen levels are topped up throughout the day, we can see benefits including improved endurance, greater mental clarity, increased stamina, and faster recovery from things like exercise and general stress.

If you haven’t already, you can check us out in SoCal at Gelson’s, Albertsons and Bristol Farms.

Find us starting THIS week at Lucky stores throughout NorCal. Find a location near you.

We’ll keep you posted as we rollout at other retailers. You can also find us on Amazon!

IMG_0223  <– This is how you’ll find us at Lucky!