What Does Your Water Do for You?

NO IMAGE - What Does Your Water Do for You?

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Have you noticed just how many choices there are down the water aisle at your local grocery store? Or even when you’re standing in front of the cooler section at your local convenience store or gas station?

With all these options, how are you supposed to choose?

Our advice is simple: read the label to learn what’s in your water, because rest assured they are not all created equal. While it’s commendable to pick up a bottle of water instead of sugary juice or soda, knowing the type of water you’re drinking is just as important as how much you’re consuming.

OXiGEN™ water is distilled water containing a proprietary O4 molecule. O4 is also known as ASO® (activated stabilized oxygen), a highly stable oxygen molecule. Sounds sciencey, right?

The most important point of distinction is that it’s not compressed gas like its little brother, the more common O2 molecule. Because O4 is highly stable in water, you’re able to drink your oxygen when you consume OXiGEN water.

Once the O4 is in your system it breaks down into two O2 molecules again, allowing you to top up your oxygen levels in a way you couldn’t simply do from breathing, giving you the ability to function at a higher level and recover faster from all types of physical and mental fatigue.

Learn more about the benefits of OXiGEN water so that you can begin to harness its benefits too.

Benefits of OXiGEN water - infographic